To all women who get in and out of the metro, bus or lift… always in a hurry.

To all women who are running to pursue their dreams and commitments.

To all women who do not take themselves way too seriously, even if they consider style a serious thing.

To the hyper-connected who don’t want to give up their autonomy. We will give them the opportunity to do many things with the same accessory, the comfort of thinking that they did not have to change at every situation.

We will give them a fair mix that should always work, in a simple way.

Because we believe that femininity comes out from one’s way of being and from the way of living.

We will create contemporary accessories, in balance between desire and reality, capturing our inspiration for the future by creating pieces that will help women feeling more special.


Carmens is an unique place, here you can think an idea for a shoe in the morning and see it realize at the evening.

50 years – founded on 20th October 1966 by an intuition of the founder and President Sante Bolzonaro.

An important player specialized in B2B production for international brands and private labels for department stores worldwide producing exclusively female footwear.

Located in Padova, Italy : femenin styling influenced by French designers that are all producing in the area (Chloe, Dior, Givenchy).

Looks Agencies

"Be Trendy, be Beauty, be You"





Stijfselstraat 10, 2000 Antwerp

+32 3 290 89 59

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